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Antique watches can range in date from the late 1600s to the 1960s. Antique watches can be both mechanical or electronic. Self-winding, mechanical watches were produced in the early 1800s. Electronic watches were first produced in the 1960s. Wrist watches became popular during the 1920s, replacing the pocket watch in popularity after World War I.

The perfect antique watch will be both beautiful and functional. The casings are always made from metal while the bands may be made of leather or woven cloth. Since the 1920s, watches inlaid with jewels and women’s watches have become increasingly popular. The beauty, craftsmanship and nostalgia of a vintage style watch are more important than its ability to keep perfectly accurate time for long durations. An antique watch will require regular maintenance from a skilled professional. Antique watches, for men and women, are popular gifts are graduations, promotions, anniversaries and birthdays.

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