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Antique Rings - Protecting the Value of Old Jewelry

Do you have antique rings in your jewelry collection? If so, you may be in need of a way to preserve their value. Antique rings are usually not cheap to buy, and as a result, they demand a little more attention than other rings might. It is logical to invest time and energy into an antique ring though because it can be such a valuable piece of your collection. Before you ruin one of these unique pieces, consider some of the protective tips listed below. They may change the way your ring holds its value.


One of the first things you can do to protect the value of your antique rings is to keep them stored properly. Improper storage can cause your rings to get damaged over time in more ways than one. If you have your ring exposed to direct sunlight, you run the risk of fading. If you have it mixed in with other pieces of jewelry, you ring the risk of scratching. If you have it in a really moist area, you may or may not cause rust issues. You never know for sure. Keep your rings in a secure box all to themselves if you want the best results.


If you have a ring that is particularly valuable, you may consider insuring it. This will protect your investment in the event that the ring gets lost, damaged, or stolen. While you will have to pay money for the insurance policy, it will give you a peace of mind knowing that you will be compensated for the ring in the event that something happens to it. A lot of people do this with their antique rings because most of them are worth in the thousands. Consider taking out a policy for your jewelry if your pieces are worth a pretty penny.


You may look at having your ring cleaned and inspected on a regular basis to ensure its integrity. The cleaning will remove any dirt that has built up over time and it will ensure that the prongs holding the stones of the ring in place are as strong as possible. Antique rings do not always fair well with at home cleaning methods, so be careful if you normally clean your jewelry by yourself. Take it to a professional so that he or she can look it over and determine if your ring is still structurally sound. You should not have to worry about your investment any longer.