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Antique Jewelry Information

Determining the Value of an Antique Watch

The best way to determine the value of an antique watch is to have it professionally appraised by a certified appraiser that specializes in antique jewelry. An appraisal cannot be done successfully with pictures or a written description. The professional appraiser must be able to see the antique jewelry from all angles, holding it in his hand to determine the true value.


The Difference Between Estate Jewelry And Antique Jewelry

Jewelry never seems to go out of style, especially vintage and antique jewelry pieces. For those that love wearing a timeless piece of jewelry, estate sales and antique stores are great places to shop. With the low cost of old jewelry made with precious metals and stones, many investors and collectors look to the low prices of antique jewelry and estate jewelry to invest in.


How to Properly Care for Antique Jewelry

Antique jewelry can become treasured pieces of a person’s collection because of the uniqueness it has about it. Older pieces of jewelry are beautiful, ornate, and highly valuable in many instances. Thus it is important to execute proper care for the jewelry if you want it to last a long time.


How to Properly Store All of Your Antique Bracelets

Antique bracelets can be great additions to any jewelry collection. They may be old, but that just means they are unique and not in production anymore. If you have a few of these bracelets in your collection, you may want to consider some special storage options for them just to preserve the way they look. Same goes for any future purchases you may make.


Antique Earrings - Different Options out There

There are many styles of antique earrings you can look into purchasing. Some are more suited for certain people than others, so you can do whatever it takes to determine which options are right for you. Understanding the different styles available though may allow you to make the best decision about the earrings so that you only invest in the pair that you actually will wear on occasion.


Antique Engagement Rings - Planning the Perfect Proposal

If you really want to make a proposal perfect, you need to consider where you can find the right ring. The ring could make or break your proposal if you do not plan properly. Most women nowadays are looking for something unique whenever they get an engagement ring, but the styles that are out nowadays are just too predictable. If you really want your proposal to go over well, you should look into antique engagement rings.


Antique Rings - Protecting the Value of Old Jewelry

Do you have antique rings in your jewelry collection? If so, you may be in need of a way to preserve their value. Antique rings are usually not cheap to buy, and as a result, they demand a little more attention than other rings might. It is logical to invest time and energy into an antique ring though because it can be such a valuable piece of your collection.


Antique Watches - Picking Out the Right One for You

You may be surprised by how many styles of antique watches there are out there to choose from. These pieces are no longer in production and are thus unique gems that you may want to take home with you. A lot of these units can be quite pricey though, so you may want to take some time to find the perfect one for you before you spend too much money.