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Antique Jewelry - How to Properly Care for Antique Jewelry

Antique jewelry can become treasured pieces of a person’s collection because of the uniqueness it has about it. Older pieces of jewelry are beautiful, ornate, and highly valuable in many instances. Thus it is important to execute proper care for the jewelry if you want it to last a long time. You cannot be afraid to wear the pieces, but you do need to know what to do to make sure they stay as durable and wearable as possible. Proper care of well made jewelry will ensure its lifetime for several generations. Here is a look at what you can do to effectively preserve the lifespan of your antique pieces.


Proper care starts with proper cleaning. While you can buy cleaning kits to use at home, sometimes the chemicals in them are too harsh for the worn metals in antique jewelry. Thus if you can, you may want to take them to a professional jeweler and he or she should be able to clean them up in no time. Many places will allow you to take your jewelry to them for free to get it cleaned, although others may charge a small handling fee. Just make sure you tell them that it is an old piece of jewelry so they can handle it with care.


You should store antique jewelry by itself so that it does not rub up against other pieces. This can cause the jewelry to chip and scratch over time, especially if it is in a group of charms or rings that have pointed edges. If your piece is on a chain, storing it by itself will also ensure that the chain does not tangle and tear. Thin chains that were common in antique necklaces get tied up all too quickly.


Keep your jewelry in a sealed container away from the elements. Do not let it get a lot of exposure to sunlight as that may cause it to fade over time. This should be kept in a cool or moderately warm room where there is not much moisture in the air. You can buy a small box to put it in or just set it in a separate compartment in your existing jewelry box. That is up to you. As long as you consider the jewelry as a delicate piece to be handled with care, you should have no issues maintaining it for many years in the future.