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Antique Engagement Rings - Planning the Perfect Proposal

If you really want to make a proposal perfect, you need to consider where you can find the right ring. The ring could make or break your proposal if you do not plan properly. Most women nowadays are looking for something unique whenever they get an engagement ring, but the styles that are out nowadays are just too predictable. If you really want your proposal to go over well, you should look into antique engagement rings. Here are some of the benefits to doing things this way, as well as a few suggestions on how you can setup your proposal to get the best results.


Antique engagement rings are no longer in production. Thus most of the ones that you can purchase nowadays are highly unique and limited in availability. It would be rare to find someone else with her engagement ring out there because of the age. Women love knowing that they have something that no one else has, especially when it comes to clothing or jewelry. Thus she will love that you went out of your way to buy an old ring that is truly a timeless masterpiece. Your thoughts and efforts will not go unnoticed.


Antique engagement rings are also great because of the detailed designs they come in. While you can buy ornate pieces nowadays, they do not come with the same sort of pizzazz that these old pieces have. You can get a true show stopper when you start looking for antiques, and many of those rings are actually hand crafted to perfection. You may not get the precision in design this way that you would with a modern ring, but you will get a quality piece that was made with great care. That is enough for any woman to say “yes” to.


In terms of the actual proposal, get creative. You should probably avoid certain standard proposals that involve the ring getting baked into some piece of food. That may harm the integrity of the ring and it will make it all too easy to lose as well. Instead of doing that, take your future fiancé to a place that is more fitting to the ring. Maybe go for a ride on a horse drawn carriage or take a walk in a really nice park. Wear a nice shirt and nice clothing as a whole, and come up with a speech that fits the situation and hope for the best.