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Antique Bracelets - How to Properly Store All of Yours

Antique bracelets can be great additions to any jewelry collection. They may be old, but that just means they are unique and not in production anymore. If you have a few of these bracelets in your collection, you may want to consider some special storage options for them just to preserve the way they look. Same goes for any future purchases you may make. Storing your antique jewelry well is vital to making sure that it lasts as long as it possibly can. Here are a few tips that may help you in the future.


One of the first things you need to think about is storing the antique bracelets in separate compartments or containers so that they do not get mixed up with other pieces of jewelry. It is very easy for chains to cross each other and get tangled up, so you need to do what it takes to prevent that from happening. Either put these on different hooks, in different slots, or in different boxes just so they do not cross over each other or other pieces of jewelry. This will be one of the biggest keys to preserving the lifetime of your bracelets.


Another key will be to store the bracelets in a place that does not get a lot of sunlight. Most jewelry boxes are fine, as are bracelet holders that you keep in a drawer of some sort. The reason you want to put these out of the sun is because it will prevent fading from occurring on the stones, metal, and other suspects of the bracelet. Some bracelets are not affected by sun exposure, but you never can be too careful. This will just give you a good habit you can practice with all of your jewelry in the future.


If you have antique bracelets that are worth a lot of money, you may think about putting a lock on your storage container so that people will have a hard time getting to them. Some antique pieces are worth several thousand dollars, and those are not pieces you want to be well secured so people cannot easily steal them. You could actually put the bracelets in a safe if you were adamant about protecting them, or you could just get a handheld combination lock to use. That is up to you. Go to whatever lengths it takes to feel safe with how your antique pieces are being stored.